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We offer to rent a Game shows' multimedia platform for your event, prepare and run the show. You can create game shows according to your event scenario - customize questions, video, audio, change design, include personalized design, vary different games, themes, and their rules, divide the audience into teams or individual players, use your event host, choose answer tools - keypads, buzzers, or personal smartphones. In addition, audience response data is stored and can be used to analyze by event.

Viktorīna pasākums event quiz
Individual design and questions

Customizable graphical design of the game

Customizable questions and answers, including photo, video, and audio capabilities

Viktorīna pasākums event quiz
Viktorīna pasākums event quiz
Automated processing


​Voting system and audience engagement tools – wireless answer keypads, buzzers, or personal smartphones

Automatic scoring

Evaluate audience responses to each question in Excel or pdf format

Plenty of options

Different options for dividing the audience into teams or individual players

Play multiple games and activities of different styles in a single event

Do you want a Game Show in your event? Book it!
Just a few companies in the world that already use it. Join in!
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